Our custom solutions

Our custom solutions

We recognise that flexibility really matters when it comes to using any media intelligence solution.

When working with global clients, complexity is usually a key challenge to overcome, and in our quest to simplify, structure and scale our media intelligence for large businesses, we like to create a customer service that is a blend of monitoring, digests and insight reporting – making sure it responds directly to clients needs.

We work with teams who:

Are looking for one trusted partner that adds value every day.

Do not have the team or platform to analyse and report on millions of forms of earned media content.

Find it hard to keep track of coverage and conversations that impact their business.

Need a way of easily sharing quality insights to other leaders in the business.

Benefits we deliver:

It’s a tailored offering that directly caters to you, your leaders, and your business needs.

You have everything you need in a way that you need it so you can make well informed decisions fast.

Ensures the Communications/PR function remains integral in overall business decision making processes.

You save time and money with information that is the most relevant for your business.

Let's find the best solution for you!

Not sure which service would benefit your business? Questions about service customisation or process? Or you simply want to get a demo of our services? Get in touch and schedule an expert consultation:
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Why Ruepoint?

Why Ruepoint?

Choose a reliable long-term partner and our comprehensive media intelligence solutions.

Industry experts

We have vast industry experience with 80% of our staff having worked for global media intelligence organisations before joining our team.

Worldwide coverage

With offices in Ireland, the UK, Bulgaria, and India, as well as a partner network across the globe, we are well placed to service the needs of our clients across all domestic and international markets.

Flexible solutions

We put our customers first, and understand that flexibility and time is extremely valuable.

Language diversity

Editorial staff all speak English to a C2 Level and cover additional 27 languages.

Easy onboarding

We make things easy for you with a simple, straight forward onboarding process that takes a lot of work off your shoulders.

Everyone benefits

We can work directly with senior leaders, or provide information that can be shared directly with teams – helping everyone make faster, better-informed decisions quickly.


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