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Empowering Strategic Decision Making with Bespoke Global Media Intelligence

The client required a media intelligence platform capable of delivering accurate, immediate data that could be seamlessly integrated into their internal wider data reporting platform. A number of complex challenges needed to be addressed, while also creating a solution that catered to their diverse business functions across the globe.

Transforming Media Intelligence for
H&M Ireland

H&M Ireland, previously reliant on a UK supplier for media analysis, was operating with a one-size-fits-all approach. The need for an in-depth comprehension of Irish media, tailored KPIs, and thorough knowledge of the local competitive landscape was pressing.

Crafting a Tailored Media Intelligence Service

The goal was not only to monitor the client’s media representation, but also to understand the sentiment, prominence and key drivers influencing its media coverage and benchmark it against its competitors’ activities. The intricacy of media channels and the complexity of identifying the precise metrics to monitor posed a significant challenge.


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on the topic of the cost of living crisis in February 2023

Central Bank Digital Currencies
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Insightful overview of media coverage on the topic of
Central Bank Digital Currencies in the period
January - March 2023


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