Central Bank Digital Currencies

Industry Landscape Report

Central Banks Digital Currencies – the ‘future of money’ or ‘a solution in search of a problem’?

As the world increasingly turns its attention to the realm of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), we delved into the global media landscape surrounding this emerging topic. While still in its early global development stages, several key themes have emerged while others continue to evolve.

Central Banks are fervently advocating for the efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and convenience of digital currencies, portraying any progress in their development as positive and forward-thinking.

On the opposite side, voices seek to quantify the actual problems that the creation of a digital currency aims to solve. Simultaneously, they raise valid concerns about regulatory frameworks, risks to commercial banking, and the potential societal impact that may arise. 

Read our detailed insight report to learn more and gain deeper insights into this emerging trend. 

Publication date: June 2023

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