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About the Client

Our client, a globally recognised supermarket chain, found itself navigating an increasingly competitive retail market landscape. Understanding their positioning in this sector, along with discerning the impact of their media presence, became crucial to maintaining their edge.

To address these needs, they sought the expertise of Ruepoint. Their objective was not only to gain a deeper understanding of their own media representation, but also to monitor and compare this with their competitors, thereby facilitating strategic decisions aligned with their organisational goals.

The Challenge

The retail sector is fiercely competitive, with price, customer sentiment, brand awareness, and corporate social responsibility (CSR) playing pivotal roles. The client and its competitors continually vie for customer attention through local community activations, support for local producers, and substantial advertising spend.

In an increasingly competitive retail sector, oir client needed to stay ahead of its competition. Factors like community engagement and customer perception can significantly impact market position. They needed to keep up with fast-paced changes, monitor its reputation, and maintain consistency in its messaging. The challenge was not only to monitor the client’s media representation, but also to understand the sentiment, prominence and key drivers influencing its media coverage.

Crucially, the client required this data to be benchmarked against its competitors’ activities. To effectively adapt its communication strategies, they required in-depth, accurate and timely media insights. However, the intricacy of media channels and the complexity of identifying the precise metrics to monitor posed a significant challenge.

The Ruepoint Solution

Our approach was meticulously tailored to these complex needs. A dedicated account manager worked closely with the internal team to understand their requirements and ensured a comprehensive media report was generated to address them in the most effective way possible. While the client initially asked for a replication of their UK supplier’s reporting structure, we went beyond, creating a monthly media analysis report that offered deep insights tailored to the Irish market, adding a layer of context and validation.


The monthly media insight report empowered the client to make timely and well-informed decisions regarding its communication strategy. The data provided a solid benchmark in campaign analysis and competitor activity, two areas crucial to market performance.

On our recommendation, the client adopted a best practice of tracking reputational attributes consistent with its consumer research. This added layer allowed them to identify, monitor, and impact wider trends and correlations, significantly enhancing their market strategy.


Our partnership demonstrated the power of media intelligence when applied with a deep understanding of market nuances. By moving beyond a one-size-fits-all approach and tailoring the service to the client’s specific needs, we have become a trusted partner in their ongoing success.

This collaboration serves as a testament to the transformative potential of media intelligence, contributing significantly to the client’s competitive edge in the challenging retail sector.

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