What is media evaluation?

What is media evaluation?

A streamlined evaluation report which deep dives into a specific topic, campaign or industry relating to your business. We take a detailed look at thousands of pieces of content to get insights that enable strategic decisions in your business.    

This evaluation gives our clients the power to influence leaders and showcase a tangible link between PR and business growth.   

Who is it for?

Media evaluation enables in-house PR and communications teams and PR agencies to measure overall brand reputation, efficiency of individual media campaigns and ultimately ROI and the impact of communication on business results.

From ongoing reputation pulse reports, to benchmarking and competitive landscape reports, we make sure clients get actionable insights that drive value creation.

We help you with?

A wide range of custom reporting options, targeting client/business/brand-specific needs and budgets.

Planning and consultancy services that not only shares the data, but also directs you to insight that tangibly impacts your business.

Insights into paid/earned/owned/social media, competitor benchmarking, topic/thematic driven analysis by industry, and corporate reputation.

Structured and extremely flexible delivery options from standard MS Office formats to interactive custom dashboards or API access for integration into clients' own systems.

Need a way of easily sharing quality insights to other leaders in the business.

Benefits we deliver?

You get a deep understanding of how your reputation, marketplace and customers are evolving and what that means for you as a business.

You get detailed insights that help you understand trends that relate to your business, helping you make decisions for the future.

You get time to deep dive and discover how to move forward with experts from our team.

Let's find the best solution for you!

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Unlock the power of media evaluation for PR & Comms professionals. Discover how in-depth competitor analysis and strategic insights can elevate your brand's position and drive business growth.

Why Ruepoint?

Why Ruepoint?

Choose a reliable long-term partner and our comprehensive media intelligence solutions.

Industry experts

We have vast industry experience with 80% of our staff having worked for global media intelligence organisations before joining our team.

Worldwide coverage

With offices in Ireland, the UK, Bulgaria, and India, as well as a partner network across the globe, we are well placed to service the needs of our clients across all domestic and international markets.

Modern dashboards

We provide world class listening and analysis platforms offering instant insights via comprehensive reporting, alerting and dashboards.

Tailored insights

Our evaluations are bespoke and are presented in a way that is right for you.

Complete overview

You get our data, insights and our intelligence of the market – helping you understand, dig deeper and look at different approaches and opportunities for your company.

Defendable solutions

Our goal is to ensure that your business can link your PR actions to business impact.


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