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About the Client

Our client is a global specialist in energy management and automation solutions, operating across over 100 markets, each with a multitude of business functions and product messaging.

With the growth of their operations, the client faced the substantial challenge of coordinating and organising vast number of content sources onto one platform, a key component for consolidated reporting.

The Challenge

Our global client required a media intelligence platform capable of delivering accurate, immediate data that could be seamlessly integrated into their internal wider data reporting platform. The complexity of their needs encompassed source categorisation, data organisation, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), resourcing, and time. Each of these facets needed to be addressed, while also creating a solution that catered to their diverse business functions across the globe.

The Ruepoint Solution

Understanding the importance of flexibility, personal account management and niche industry expertise, we took a tailored approach to meet the client’s needs. The solutions offered were:


Our’s bespoke and flexible media intelligence reporting led to operational efficiencies and provided the client with more in-depth media insight to inform their communication strategy.

Over several months, reporting parameters were continually refined and enriched. We then delivered historical data and analysis, establishing benchmarks and trends that helped the client contextualise their current data sets.

All content and insights were delivered globally in a synchronised manner, promoting efficient coordination across various time zones and functions. Uniform data points and KPIs across different business functions allowed for consistent reporting.

Ruepoint’s personal account management meant the client received human-curated media analysis reporting on a single, dynamic dashboard. This was supplemented by regular consultations, empowering our client to understand the nuances of their media content and make more strategic decisions.

By centralising reporting, the RP team of our client could broaden the scope of their analysis. They now have access to a comprehensive and in-depth competitor intelligence embedded in their strategic decision-making process. A custom-built Web Data Connector (WDC) allows the communication team to delve deeper into the data and maintain full access to their content.


Ruepoint’s tailored media intelligence solutions enabled our client’s communication operations to become more efficient and strategic. Our flexibility, personal account management, and niche industry expertise have proven to be pivotal in meeting the unique needs of this global client.

In a world increasingly driven by data, Ruepoint has become a key partner for the client, propelling them towards a future of informed growth.

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