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About H&M Ireland

H&M Ireland, a renowned subsidiary of the global fashion retailer H&M, aims to deliver stylish, high-quality fashion at the best prices. Despite their success, they faced a challenge: their understanding of the media landscape was shaped by a one-size-fits-all UK-focused approach. To truly thrive in the Irish market, they needed a tailor-made, data-driven media strategy.

This is the story of how Ruepoint empowered H&M Ireland with bespoke insights and data-driven strategies.

The Challenge

H&M Ireland, previously reliant on a UK supplier for media analysis, was operating with a one-size-fits-all approach. The need for an in-depth comprehension of Irish media, tailored KPIs, and thorough knowledge of the local competitive landscape was pressing. Moreover, it was crucial to establish benchmarks for specific business divisions, corporate issues, and campaigns. The lack of a comprehensive view of the media landscape had left H&M Ireland without critical insights into potential opportunities and competitor activities.

The Ruepoint Solution

Ruepoint stepped in, offering H&M Ireland a media intelligence solution that aligns with their specific objectives for the Irish market. We started by conducting in-depth briefing sessions to understand H&M’s needs. Our solution entailed a multi-pronged approach, including:

The deliverables featured a monthly dashboard, allowing the client to regularly track their progress. Every other month, Ruepoint’s media consultant presented a full insight debrief, elucidating nuances of the content, campaign tactics, and other elements impacting performance.

Our media consultants delved deep into qualitative analysis, understanding the semantic nuances of the content to translate into diverse communication performances regarding tone and reputation. H&M received a detailed breakdown of sentiment, prominence, corporate topics, imagery presence, and nature of content, which were manually read and coded by our analysts.


H&M Ireland is now empowered with a rich and targeted media set, allowing data-driven decisions on where to direct its efforts for maximum impact. They enjoy a full view of their share of the market and that of their competitors, gaining valuable insights into the impact broken down into strategic areas. This knowledge enables H&M to identify areas requiring improvement and successful strategies that can be replicated.

Our consultants, experienced in various sectors, extend their services beyond the visible data, advising on best practices and identifying emerging media trends.


The investment in reporting and trust in Ruepoint’s expertise resulted in a positive shift in H&M Ireland’s KPIs, demonstrating the effectiveness of data-evidenced decision-making. Our consultants’ expertise, combined with a collaborative approach, has given H&M Ireland a robust media intelligence tool, allowing them to confidently navigate their media landscape, improve their strategic decision-making, and bolster their market presence.

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