Interactive dashboards

explore your data at a glance

Sample dashboard: A Europe-wide analysis of Big Tech companies based in Dublin

1. Explore and interact with various insights across 4 pages. You can navigate between pages using the arrows at the bottom of the dashboard

2. Each tab presents the same data set through a different lens and offers a new insight. You can use the filters along the top of the dashboard to look at the KPIs relating to specific area of interest – for example: negative coverage only, Irish coverage only, product development only, etc.

3. You can also click on the data on any chart and the tab will automatically adjust to represent the KPIs for that data set only. Note that filters only apply to the tab you filter in.

4. Consider each tab as an industry overview and benchmark – use the competitor filters for individual and comparative analysis.

Cross-referencing is possible through filters – for example: Google, CEO coverage, in relation to job cuts

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