What Can B2B Learn from B2C About Customer Experience? 

As a business owner, one area that has consistently fascinated me is the creation of an exceptional customer experience. When Ruepoint was founded six years ago, our top priority was defining the customer experience and cultivating the culture required to support it. We engaged in discussions encompassing various aspects, including how we wished our brand to be perceived, adapting to growth, and sustaining the customer experience.

The Ruepoint Story: Helping PR and Communication Practitioners Navigate the Media Landscape 

In the vast and tumultuous sea of media data, navigating your way can be overwhelming, even for seasoned PR and Communication professionals. It was this very realisation that served as a catalyst for the idea to create Ruepoint, a media intelligence business with a novel way of servicing PR teams in the search for a data-driven approach to decision-making.

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Value over Vanity: How to Future-proof Your PR Strategy

How do you know if you are making an impact on your target audience and contributing to business growth? How do you prove it to your CFO and board of directors?

Many businesses struggle to understand the worth of their PR activities, in comparison to more directly measurable marketing strategies. However, communication decisions do not need to be based on gut feel.