PRCA International Summit 2023: Key Takeaways and Insights

Earlier this month we had the pleasure of attending the PRCA International Summit at No. 11 Cavendish Square in London. It was an important opportunity for the PR and Communications community to come together again after the summer holiday and discuss some of the key topics that have been on everyone’s mind from workspace diversity and inclusion to AI and measuring the effectiveness of communication.

The summit brought together professionals from various backgrounds, creating a platform for networking, collaboration and fresh ideas that could reshape our approach to PR.

The event was a blend of virtual and physical participation—a true hybrid experience. We enjoyed the opportunity to meet industry peers face-to-face again, something that’s become a bit of a rarity in the post-Covid era. In this post, we are excited to delve into some of the topics that particularly caught our eye and share our personal experiences from the event.

A Day Well Spent

The day had a fulfilling structure: agency-focused dialogues in the morning and the international summit discussions in the afternoon. It allowed me time to catch up with PR and Comms professionals, talk about their daily challenges, and contribute to the larger conversation. Common themes like the measurement conundrums and the outcompete approach to impact were buzzing throughout the room.

2024: The Year of Volatility

Chris Lewis, COO and Co-founder of TEAM LEWIS put the spotlight on 2024, calling it the year of “volatility.” What does this mean for PR and comms? Well, shorter attention spans and the speed vs. truth issue are certainly concerns. For example, remember how some brands suffered from sharing inaccurate COVID-19 information in the rush to be the first? Lewis argues for a stronger focus on ethics and tech-savviness. Keeping this in mind, we can prepare our strategies to better handle future turbulence.

The rise of AI-powered PR

The afternoon saw a spirited discussion about AI in PR, led by insightful speakers. Their recommendations included using AI cautiously and the importance of A/B testing—something we’ve successfully employed in social media campaigns to understand audience engagement better. They also highlighted the need for a robust ethical framework around tech use, similar to what we’ve always encouraged for influencer partnerships.

Measurement is Key

Richard Bagnall, AMEC board member, spoke about the surge of the global media intelligence and PR software market, expected to touch $11.25 billion, emphasizing the saying, “Data is the new oil”. Central to his message was the importance of accurate measurement in PR, underlined by the AMEC framework methodology that we at Ruepoint ardently embrace. Richard’s insights reaffirm the need to craft the right message for the right audience at the apt moment, ensuring PR strategies align with organizational objectives, rather than just metrics.

The Latest Trends in Comms

Another session highlighted the hurdles that modern communicators face: people are avoiding news, trust in media is dwindling, and platforms like TikTok are gaining ground. How do we navigate this? Data-driven strategies are not just a buzzword; they’re a necessity. For instance, when we realised Facebook was driving less traffic to our client’s website, we shifted focus towards SEO and other social channels. The result? Better engagement and higher web traffic.

Turning Insights into Action

As a media intelligence professional, these insights are more than just food for thought—they’re actionable strategies we’re keen to implement to better serve our clients. Our mission has always been to help PR and Comms professionals prove their value, and the learnings from the PRCA Summit will undoubtedly enrich that mission. Whether it’s adopting more nuanced metrics to offer a fuller picture of campaign impact, or integrating ethical AI solutions to enhance analytics, we’re committed to using these insights to deliver smarter, more effective services.

Making Knowledge Work for Us

The summit ended on a high note, leaving us all eager to apply these fresh insights to our day-to-day work. Whether it’s refining our measurement tactics or cautiously employing AI, the learnings from the PRCA International Summit offer a useful roadmap.

It’s heartening to know that we’re not alone in the challenges we face. We’re all in the same boat, trying to do meaningful work in a world that’s constantly shifting under our feet. But armed with these new perspectives, I’m confident that we can not only navigate these changes but truly excel.

Let’s take this conversation forward. How do you plan to implement these insights into your strategies? Contact our experts, and let’s explore how you can optimise your campaigns with data-driven insights.

Raina Lazarova

Raina Lazarova

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