Cultivating Sponsorship Success: Unveiling the Power of Media Intelligence

Unlike other forms of communication, measuring the return on investment in sponsorships goes beyond financial gains and audience actions. Sponsors often engage in events and activities that can profoundly affect fans on an emotional level for commercial purposes, and this aspect deserves careful consideration. It’s the fans and event participants, whether they’re attending a match, participating in a league, enjoying a concert or festival, or partaking in a charity run, who can make or break the success of a sponsorship.

B2B Buying Process: What to Look for as a Customer? 

In the world of B2B buying, where we’re often dealing with complex deals and significant investments, understanding the psychology behind our choices is crucial. You as customers are on a journey that’s more than just numbers and data sheets. You’re navigating a landscape where your desires, fears, and goals mix with facts and figures.

What Can B2B Learn from B2C About Customer Experience? 

As a business owner, one area that has consistently fascinated me is the creation of an exceptional customer experience. When Ruepoint was founded six years ago, our top priority was defining the customer experience and cultivating the culture required to support it. We engaged in discussions encompassing various aspects, including how we wished our brand to be perceived, adapting to growth, and sustaining the customer experience.