History and value of AMEC Measurement Month

AMEC Measurement Month – an initiative close to my heart and a celebration of excellence and innovation in PR measurement and evaluation. It is the time of the year when we recognise the best achievements in the industry for the value they have delivered to their organisations. Ruepoint is proud to be part of this annual initiative that focuses on best practices and emerging trends in the measurement and evaluation of communication. In this article, I will delve into the history and value of the initiative, its inspiration, and our involvement in this important industry event. 

History of AMEC Measurement Month

The initiative is an integral part of the AMEC Global Education Programme, offering a month-long series of free events designed to educate communication professionals on best practices and the latest trends in measurement and evaluation. These events are hosted globally by AMEC members and partner organisations, creating a worldwide showcase of knowledge sharing. 

AMEC Measurement Month stemmed from the success of the first “Measurement Week” held in September 2014. The overwhelming interest in this event demonstrated a clear demand for education in PR measurement within the communication industry. As marketing and communication budgets face cutbacks across the globe, the need for communicators to become more effective in measuring their campaigns becomes increasingly crucial. 

A Look at AMEC's Roots

Before delving deeper into AMEC Measurement Month, let’s take a moment to explore the roots of the organisation itself. The International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communications (AMEC) traces its origins back 27 years ago when it was known as the Association of Media Evaluation Companies, established in 1996 with just seven members. 

Over time, AMEC has evolved into the world’s largest media intelligence and insights professional organisation, representing organisations and practitioners specialising in media evaluation and communication research. This evolution has seen a shift towards a greater focus on educating public relations and communication professionals, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing rather than competition among its members. 

Our Involvement in the Initiative: AMEC X Ruepoint

AMEC was the first industry body Ruepoint joined as a new business back in the day and remained the only one for the first few years when we were so focused on setting the foundations of the business. For the last two years Ruepoint has also had a seat on the AMEC Board of Directors, which has been a great privilege and an opportunity to get more involved with what AMEC does best – creating a platform for best practice and industry support, networking and knowledge sharing. Being part of Measurement Month’s culmination – the AMEC Awards, both as nominees and judges, has been extremely rewarding for us as an organisation and we hope to continue our efforts in delivering value to organisations around the world. 

#AMECMM 2023

As we embark on AMEC Measurement Month 2023, we are honoured that AMEC has chosen to kickstart this year’s global education initiative by sharing Alicja Bors’ insightful piece on how we can better embrace AI in communications and its measurement. This article serves as a prime example of the kind of knowledge and expertise that AMEC Measurement Month aims to share with communication professionals worldwide. 

Measurement Month Events by Ruepoint that you can Attend

For this year’s Measurement Month, we have prepared so many insightful activities. Check them out below: 

7 November, WCFA Masterclass on Mastering Value Metrics 

Join me as I discuss the difference between vanity metrics and value measurement in a high-level masterclass, organised by the World Communication Forum Association. 

14 November, PR Agencies: How to effectively measure your efforts and report your result 

In this webinar our focus will be on PR strategy in 2024 and beyond. Ruepoint’s experts, Nicola Baird and Susan Ryan, will be joined by Sophie Boucher, Account Director of Legacy Communications, to discuss measuring success, reporting, and planning your future PR strategies. 

21 November, Navigating the noise: PR strategies in the year of volatility 

2024 is shaping up to be a year of uncertainty and volatility with some key elections and societal changes, not least as a result of the rise of generative AI. Learn how we can adapt and thrive in this situation form our expert panel. 

23 November, The Art of Effective Marketing in Communication Measurement 

Ruepoint marketing manager Iskren Lilov is joining Medianet’s Thomas Patenall in discussing how marketing efficiency is achieved in our industry and sharing examples from Ruepoint’s marketing strategy. 

Final thoughts

As we look ahead to AMEC Measurement Month 2023, we anticipate another month filled with valuable insights. These events continue to underscore the importance of measurement and evaluation in the world of communication and highlight Ruepoint’s commitment to delivering exceptional results for our clients and the broader industry. 

Raina Lazarova

Raina Lazarova

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