Celebrating Excellence at the AMEC Communication Effectiveness Awards 2023

As we approached the grand celebration of Measurement Month – the AMEC Communication Effectiveness Awards 2023, emotions ran high. This annual ceremony is a celebration of excellence in communications measurement and evaluation. We are truly grateful to have been announced as winners, upholding this prestigious standard. It brings me great joy to share that we received awards in three categories at this prestigious event, showcasing our dedication to pushing boundaries and driving excellence in the media intelligence industry. Now, let’s delve into what brought us here and explore our aspirations for the coming years. 

Navigating the Nomination Process

It all began with the amazing news of being shortlisted in all four categories we entered – a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional media intelligence solutions. We firmly believe that measurement is the cornerstone of effective communication. The categories we competed in include: 

✓ Best Use of a Measurement Framework 
✓ Best Use of Measurement in a Single Event or Campaign
Best Measurement of a Consumer Campaign 
Best Measurement of a B2B Campaign 

Our heartfelt congratulations go to all the talented individuals and organisations that share the shortlist with us. The competition was fierce, yet inspiring to witness so many dedicated professionals striving to elevate industry standards. 

Celebrating Excellence

The 2023 AMEC Global Communication Effectiveness Awards winners were unveiled during a prestigious ceremony and dinner event held at Church House, Westminster, London, on 16th November 2023.  

As the evening unfolded, we joined other leading organisations in the industry to applaud the winners, share insights, and celebrate the achievements that set new benchmarks for excellence. I’m beyond thrilled about the recognition Ruepoint received at the AMEC Communication Effectiveness Awards for the amazing work in the following categories: 
Best use of integrated communication measurement/research – for Multi agency collaboration making an impact for Allianz  
Best use of measurement for a single event or campaign – for Influencing the national budget conversation for PwC  
Most impactful client recommendations arising from a measurement study – for Influencing the tax policy conversation for PwC  
I want to thank our media measurement and consultancy teams for the unwavering focus on delivering value to our customers, our clients for trusting us to guide them in their PR measurement journey, and AMEC Measurement and Evaluation, Johna Burke and my fantastic fellow board directors for the support and great time, as always! 

A Notable Achievement

This evening holds an extra special moment for me. Amidst the celebration of outstanding achievements in the PR measurement industry, I’m thrilled to share a personal highlight – my re-election to the AMEC International Board of Directors!   

This recognition serves as a testament to my dedication and expertise within the realm of communication measurement and evaluation. Serving on the AMEC International Board of Directors reinforces my deep commitment to advancing industry standards and fostering collaboration among professionals worldwide. I am truly thankful for this opportunity. 

The Significance of the AMEC Awards

The AMEC Communication Effectiveness Awards is a global program that spotlights communication measurement excellence. Now in its 21st year, they consistently aim to recognise and celebrate exceptional work in research, measurement, insights, and analytics. The awards play a pivotal role in emphasisng the importance of these aspects in the world of communication. 

In an era where information is abundant, and attention spans are fleeting, effective communication has become paramount. Organisations worldwide are realising the significance of data-driven insights to make informed decisions and refine their communication strategies. The AMEC Awards serve as a reminder that excellence in measurement and evaluation is not just desirable but essential. 

A Bright Future Ahead

The AMEC Communication Effectiveness Awards 2023 served as a platform for recognition and an opportunity to learn, grow, and inspire. Ruepoint remains committed to the values of excellence, innovation, and measurement that drive our industry forward Looking ahead, we are excited about the opportunities that await us in the dynamic landscape of media intelligence. These awards are a stepping stone to an even brighter future where effective communication is powered by data-driven insights. 

Raina Lazarova

Raina Lazarova

Co-founder and COO of Ruepoint. Passionate about people, media and communication, highlighting the role of empathy in being an effective communicator and creating ethical business models. Let's connect on LinkedIn!

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