Ruepoint’s Journey at the ICCO Global Summit 2023: Insights and Impact 

Our team has just returned from Warsaw, filled with excitement and a wealth of stories and insights we’re eager to share. Our on-site dream team included Co-Founder and COO Raina Lazarova, Product Tech Lead Alicja Bors, Marketing Manager Iskren Lilov, and Global Sales Executive Rokas Urbonavicius. 

Participating as gold sponsors, exhibitors and keen listeners, in the 2023 Global ICCO Summit in Warsaw, was a significant milestone in our ongoing journey to promote innovation in our industry. This event brought together PR & Comms leaders, professionals, and innovators for two days of meaningful discussions, networking, and knowledge-sharing. 

Connecting and Celebrating

We were delighted to find ourselves surrounded by PR and Comms industry experts, making the most of this excellent opportunity to nurture existing relationships and foster new ones. Our team came prepared with Tapni cards and colourful locally sourced donuts, ready to strike up conversations with fellow attendees. 

These networking opportunities were priceless. They allowed us to engage with diverse perspectives, swap ideas, and establish our identity as a global media intelligence company committed to driving innovation in PR and Communications. The photo opportunities with like-minded professionals were also a wonderful way to capture the camaraderie and shared enthusiasm for our industry, creating lasting memories that we’ll treasure. 

The gala dinner stood out as one of the event’s highlights, providing a relaxed setting for more in-depth discussions and relationship-building. We raised our glasses with PR and Comms professionals from all over the world, toasting to the insights gained during the first day of the Summit. 

Raina's AI Insights: Shaping the Future of PR

Raina Lazarova’s participation in the panel on AI in PR, moderated by Johna Burke, CEO of AMEC Measurement and Evaluation, was a standout moment. The discussion cantered on the transformative power of AI in the field of public relations, and here are some key takeaways from Raina’s contributions: 

1. The current AI tools are just the beginning; future advancements will revolutionise the PR landscape. 

2. AI can streamline routine tasks, allowing PR professionals to focus on delivering more value. 

3. Caution is required when dealing with AI-generated content; maintaining trust with clients is of utmost importance. 

Raina shared the stage with industry leaders such as AMEC Chair Aseem Sood, Identrics CEO Vladimir Petkov, and Sanjiv Winayak, Client Director of Milk & Honey PR. The fruitful discussion highlighted the importance of embracing AI while remaining vigilant about its potential pitfalls. 

Key Takeaways from the ICCO Global Summit 2023

The panels and sessions at the ICCO Global Summit 2023 were brimming with valuable knowledge and insights. Here are the three key takeaways for our team: 

1. Communicators hold a pivotal role in addressing intricate societal challenges, such as polarization and misinformation. 

2. GenAI is firmly established, but it demands vigilant oversight due to its potential risks. Swift regulatory actions are necessary to ensure responsible usage. 

3. Integrating AI into PR can enhance efficiency and effectiveness, but the importance of human oversight for quality control cannot be overstated. 

Insights and Learnings from the Sessions

Here’s a peek into some of the intriguing discussions we were part of: 

The Democratisation of Communications and a New Era of Possibility: Chris Foster, CEO of Omnicom PR Group, highlighted the growing significance of reputation. He forecasted technology’s integration into every facet of our lives, promising faster, more cost-efficient solutions. Foster made it clear that, while AI is transformative, it can never replace human ingenuity. His rallying cry? Embrace change and seize the opportunities it presents. 

Misinformation and Restoring Trust in Media and Democracy: In a panel moderated by Massimo Moriconi, CEO of Omnicom PR Group Italy, experts addressed the pervasive challenge of misinformation. They discussed the ICCO’s program against disinformation, supported by the European Fact-Checking Standards Network, EACD, and the International Association of Press Clubs. They emphasized the need for media literacy as the first line of defense against disinformation. 

Mitigating Risks from Misinformation: A panel moderated by Maja Pawinska Sims, Associate Editor at PRovoke, tackled the multifaceted challenges of misinformation. Speakers like Shayoni Lynn, CEO and Founder of Lynn, highlighted the sophistication and persistence of disinformation, with a focus on its impact on various organizations, especially in sectors like the environment. Adrian Monck, Former MD of the World Economic Forum, examined the implications of misinformation, particularly concerning Russia and the pandemic. 

The State of AI and Media Relations 2023: Experts delved into AI’s role in media relations, acknowledging its potential while recognizing that it’s still in its early stages. Bolesław Breczko, Journalist at, expressed frustration in writing about AI’s potential, as public interest remains limited until practical applications emerge. Magdalena Chodownik, Award-Winning Polish journalist, shared her experience with AI-generated content, noting its frequent errors. The discussion explored the areas where AI could eventually replace human journalists, with investigative journalism expected to remain a human domain. 

Breakout: New Study – The Future of PR and Social Impact: Prof. Dr Ana Adi, Vice President and Professor of PR and Corporate Communications at Quadriga Hochschule Berlin, led a session on the future of PR and its social impact. The session underscored the need for identifying concepts to connect campaigns, highlighting the value of longitudinal data. It encouraged a shift from momentary assessments to evaluating value over time, emphasizing the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. 

Polarization and Communication: In the panel “Why are societies increasingly divided, and what can be done about it?” Wawrzyniec Smoczynski, President of the New Community Foundation, shed light on how polarization emerges in modern societies and how communication practices can bring people together. In today’s world, where polarization seems to be the norm, this session underscored the role of effective communication in bridging divides. 

NATO’s Communication Strategies: The panel “Fireside chat with NATO’s Ben Tufft, Head of Policy, Plans, and Campaigns in the Strategic Communications Unit, NATO” explained NATO’s priorities in communication and how the Alliance is combatting hybrid threats with deterrence strategies. This session highlighted the critical role of PR in matters of international security and diplomacy. 

Ukraine’s Ongoing Battle: The session “The Russian Invasion of Ukraine: the ultimate battlefield of communication” brought together Julia Petryk, Head of PR at MacPaw Inc & Co-Founder of the Ukrainian PR Army, Viroslava Novosylna, Founder and CEO of SLOVA Tech PR & Co-Founder of the Ukrainian PR Army, and Irina Pavlova, Communications Lead at B4Ukraine. They shared their determination to combat “war fatigue” across Europe and keep Ukraine in the spotlight. Their stories served as a powerful reminder of the impact PR can have in raising awareness and driving change. 

Wrapping Up

Home after the ICCO Global Summit 2023, our team is buzzing with new experiences and fresh ideas. The summit didn’t just bolster our commitment to innovation; it emphasized the pivotal role of responsible AI integration, cementing our position as leaders in the media intelligence sector. 

Our hearts swell with pride as sponsors and exhibitors, recounting the enlightening exchanges that took place at the Ruepoint booth. Engaging with fellow PR and Comms professionals, we delved into their daily routines, offering solutions to amplify the value they bring to their work. 

But let’s not think of this as an endpoint; it’s only the beginning! We invite you to join us in an ongoing conversation about measuring success and showcasing the impact of your dedication. 

Iskren Lilov

Iskren Lilov

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